Elena Flying will be leading the First Channel

Soon the First Channel will air a new program "Flying Squad". In it, the leading Elena Flying will teach TV viewers to believe that there are no hopeless situations and fight for their rights. Unlike "Revizorro", the presenter will strictly check not restaurants, but social facilities (polyclinics, schools and even kindergartens). The proposal from Channel One Elena received after she revealed gross violations at Voronezh Hospital No. 2, which were discussed a lot on blogs.

"I'm very happy," Elena commented on the news of her appointment. “The first channel supported my project, the project I live in, which is extremely important for me and, I assure you, it will become important for all residents of our country and not only.” The only thing that upsets the leader is the attacks of the TV channel "Friday", which, she said, she gave many years and health. "This is all very unpleasant and unfair," she said, promising to settle everything with the help of lawyers.

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