Exclusive braided bracelet that is easy to make by yourself

On the one hand, in the store you can buy clothes and accessories for every taste. On the other hand, it is very difficult to find something exclusive in the segment of public goods. An interesting thing will be available to thousands more people. There is a solution: create your own things that will become your pride, for example, a wonderful bracelet with a brooch.

For the project will need:

  • Nylon cord or rope (about 10 meters, depending on thickness);
  • scissors;
  • lighter or matches;
  • adhesive strong fixation;
  • brooch or large earring for decor

Fold the cord in half and wrap around the brush - this will determine the size of the future decoration. Lock the knot at the end of the bracelet. The bracelet should be free, because the rope does not stretch. In addition, weaving will slightly reduce the size. Cut the cord, making a small stock.

Bend the cord in half and form a loop in its middle.Stretch into this loop the one that was formed on the base of the bracelet. Make a tight knot around the base.

The next knot needs to be done from the other side. In weaving the knots should alternate. In order for the bracelet to come out neat, make sure that the nodules are the same shape and size. Tighten them as tight as possible and arrange them in straight lines.

The loop on the end will be the clasp of the bracelet. Near the end, check to see if there is enough length, periodically applying a bracelet to your hand.

At the end of the bracelet tie a large knot and scorch the cord with a cigarette lighter. If you work with a rope made of natural fibers, treat the ends with glue.

It remains to paste a part of the earring on the bracelet or to fix a brooch on it. The latter can simply be fastened.

Wait until the glue is completely dry, and you can put on your new bracelet.

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