Extra shelf for backlit table

We make an additional shelf for the backlit tablefrom theboard. This is an excellent and convenient solution to make from a regular and inexpensive table of IKEA a full and functional computer desk.

Materials and tools:

  1. table;
  2. board of a length equal to the length of the table, 2 cm thick and 20-22 cm wide;
  3. furniture lacquer or other wood;
  4. 4 legs for the shelf, in this case they were prefabricated from: flange, coupling, fittings with threads on both ends;
  5. metal paint for assorted legs;
  6. LED (LED) tape, better set of tape, power supply and remote;
  7. grinder and sandpaper

Step 1

First we cut off a length of the length of the table from the board. We select the width of the board so that you can put a monitor, laptop and other devices on it. Grind the board with sandpaper, you can slightly round the corners.We cover the board with furniture lacquer or paint.

We are assembling 4 legs from the flange, coupling and threaded fittings, individual parts of the legs can be painted with metal paint.

Or just buy ready-made legs in the store.

Fasten the legs to the shelf with self-tapping screws or epoxy glue.

It remains to make the backlight. We glue the LED strip from the bottom of the shelf, leaving the edge 1-2 cm. We connect to the power, we use the remote control to control the backlight.

All,shelf for the computer deskis ready.

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