Fascinating journey with Lego Duplo!

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
May 22, 2017
Fascinating journey with Lego Duplo!

With stunning sets of Lego Hollow, a child gets acquainted with the outside world, acquires the skills of designing parts and mechanisms, develops imagination, fine motor skills of hands and perseverance.

Big train

Lego Duplo The big train is designed for children from two to five years old. The set includes a locomotive and two cabins, and an additional platform for transporting vegetables is being constructed. The set includes such mechanisms: crane, truck, mini figures, accessories and materials for construction.

Lego Duplo

This is a more sophisticated model with a freight train, which makes sounds while driving, and when you press the brake, the specific sound of friction of the brake pads is played.

The railway includes irregularities, descents and ascents, making the game more exciting and exciting. Cargo can be loaded into wagons with the help of a crane-crane. And the process is led by three figures of workers in overalls and in helmets.

With the help of Lego Duplo, you can create fascinating scenes and design individual gaming platforms. To work will require batteries, which must be purchased separately.

First train

What can I say about Lego Duplo My first train? An interesting designer who will acquaint with the basics of building and constructing children from two to five years old.

Lego Duplo

Of the numerous Lego parts, you can assemble a colorful locomotive with sound effects, a car for passengers, a station with a cash register and a dressing with a pump. The structural elements are firmly interconnected.

In addition to the railroad tracks in the set there are figures of the driver and passenger. The designer is so realistic that it will be an excellent fun and educational toy for your child.

The roof of the locomotive is removed to enable the driver to take the workplace. In the trailers there are places for passengers and baggage. At the station there is a ticket office with a clock that signals the departure of the train.

The storyline is bright and thought out to the smallest detail; a goat grazes on the lawn, creating a wonderful appearance from the window of the train.Children can change the plot concept, modifying it with additional accessories and Lego Duplo products.

Your task, dear parents, is to help the kids firmly establish the structure in order to enjoy the beauty of this amazing set for a long time. Let your child feel like a driver or a passenger, developing imagination and inner potential.

The game is exciting and useful for the development of children, contributes to the coordination of movement and activates figurative thinking.

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