Fashion handbags from designer Mary Frances Shaffer

What gives our image sophistication and elegance, perfect femininity? Of course, handbag. It must also be a unique masterpiece in its kind, a work of design art: elegant, original and interesting. So says designer Mary Francis, who once proclaimed: “Life is too short to wear boring clothes!” She has been creating stunning handbags since 1990. Mary used to work in the jewelry industry as a jewelry designer in San Francisco, and making bags was for her a hobby Mary used to do in her free time. At first it was just gifts for friends and acquaintances, and then the passion developed into a professional field.

In 2004, the Mary Frances Shaffer brand received official worldwide recognition; Mary received the prestigious Dallas Fashion Award for her work. Fashion boutiques Mary Frances appeared, selling handbags and other accessories in different countries. Each handbag, created by Mary Francis is truly unique, because it is created in a single copy. Therefore, even celebrities do not bypass the boutiques of Mary Frances, adding to their collection.Such bags were bought by Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Linda Taylor, Teri Hatcher, Kate Hudson, Britney Spears, Eva Longoria and some others.

The designer finds inspiration for creativity in nature, its vitality, harmony, and bright colors. In her works, various color combinations are reflected, often riot of colors reigns, as if every thing came to us from tropical distances. Each handbag is decorated with multi-colored beads and glass beads, beads of various sizes, gold crochet and trumpet, embroidered sequins and rhinestones, crystals of precious and semiprecious stones, supplemented with floral applications of leather and textiles, elements of fur and chains.

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