Felt credit card

Materials and tools:

  1. 2 colors felt;
  2. ring from the keychain;
  3. rivet button;
  4. scissors.

Step 1

Cut out the details of the credit card according to the pattern: 1 detail (A) - 22x10 cm, 2 details (B) - 8x1.5 cm, 1 detail (C) - 5x1 cm, 1 detail (D) - 9x7 cm. Insert the button- rivet in detail A and D (first try on). Then we sew detail D to detail A. Then we detail piece C around the ring from the keychain.

Step 2

Next, we sew details B (these will be the edges of the pocket) to A, also sewing part C (ring) under one of the details. Then we bend the lower part of part A and sew to details B.

Ready-made lenderis ready.

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