Flower Pot

Many housewives often face a situation when they manage to get a process of a new flower, and there is nothing to plant it in. The absence of a beautiful flower pot is not a reason to pickle a flower in a container with water. It is possible to arrange a place for your green pet without beautiful money and in an original way. The ideal solution to this problem is a paper basket. For its production I needed: glue for paper, scissors, rolling pin and old magazines.
First of all, cut the page in half.
what you need
The most suitable size for the future tube will be 27/10 centimeters. According to these parameters, the tube will turn out not too rigid, but strong enough for the product. In order to twist it, you need to put a knitting needle or a pastestick on one of the corners of the sheet and wind the entire half of the page onto it.
On the remaining small corner put a drop of glue and press well with your fingers.
So you need to do a lot of tubes. I needed 60 pieces for a product with a height of 11 centimeters.
 fix with glue
Before you start weaving, you need to build up 10 tubes. For this you need to drop a drop of glue in wide its end and insert another tube into it like this.
 do a lot
The foundation needs 10 triple tubes.

The next step is rolling out the long tubes with a rolling pin.
 a lot of long tubes
So it will be much more convenient to work with them. So, weave. First you need to weave the bottom. To do this, we intertwine the tubes together in this way.
Add all the prepared long tubes.
Add all cooked

Now,you need to rotate the outermost tube in the other direction and weave it.
 the remaining tips are in a circle
Then, we braid all the remaining tips in a circle.
Do it right such
As weaving, it will be necessary to increase the lead tube. You need to do it in the same way as in the beginning.
 sticking twigs
Gradually, braiding twigs sticking out, they need to be pushed aside, betraying the shape of the sun.
claw pot
The bottom should be weighed flat until it is sufficient for the form.
we make a pot
as a prototype for a pot, I took an ordinary concrete cast from mayonnaise.
 Pottery pot
As soon as the dimensions of the woven bottom are equal to the bottom of the concrete, we begin do rounding. This can be achieved by tightening the rays of the leading tube.  we surround the bank
The main mistake is the large gaps between the horizontal fibers.
 braiding the bank
They need to be eliminated in the process of weaving, because it will be harder to do at the end of the work.
 weave the bank
To do this, after passing a couple of rows, draw the passed stage to the bottom with your hands, only carefully - this is all the same paper.
 weave the bank
When you realize that the necessary height is already reached, you can take out the form.
 weave a can
Now you need to hide all the remaining tails inwards, stretching them under several layers.
 Flower Pot
Floral orshok
This is what a half-finished masterpiece looks like.
Now you need to paint it -or, or just varnish on several layers.I decided not to bother for a long time and painted my basket with ordinary nail polish.
 Flower Pot
This is how it looks inside.
 Flower Pot
I didn’t paint it inside as well. By the way, here’s my previous work.
Inside me put the same concrete, pre-cutting it to the desired level.
 Flower pot
Believe it or not, but real persimmon sprouted in a pot.
But I just threw seeds in this pot.

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