Football, ballet and new songs: what to follow in 2018

We talk about the main events of the coming year.

Build and live helps

what: 63rd Eurovision Song Contest.

Where: Lisbon, Portugal.

Broadcast: First channel.

When: semi-finals - May 8 and 10 (Tuesday and Thursday), final - May 12 (Saturday).

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Julia Samoilova
Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda /

Julia Samoilova, singer, participant from Russia:

- After I failed to perform last year (recall, our contestant was banned from entering the host country of Ukraine. - Note. Antennas), I was guaranteed to participate in this, but the song will have to be changed. According to the rules, it should be new, and my “Flame Is Burning” is already included in the Eurovision compilation. The first channel will select a novelty, and my husband, my administrator and composer Alexei Taran, and I offered two options, which we wrote together. One song is about space, the other is about a fairy tale. Whatever you choose (I am ready to sing in Russian, and in English, and in Portuguese), I will ask you to leave my last year’s number, because it turned out to be high-tech, I just want to show it.But we will choose a dress for a song, but I don’t want anything classical, like sweet curls. Gradually, I am leaving the image that I was implanted on "Factor A". I see myself with rhinestones on my face and horns on my head. I count on the support of the readers of “Antenna”: it is very nice when they write to me on the social network, I answer with pleasure.

In terms of health, everything is fine: I am engaged in muscle stimulation, the dynamics are positive. They recently got the second spitz, now we have Dima and Danya. We'll think about the children after the competition, but I hope there will be a lot of performances ahead.

I have never been to Portugal and have never seen the ocean in my life. My dream is to swim in it.

Ahead of the whole planet

what: Year of ballet in Russia.

Where:Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky Theaters in St. Petersburg.

Broadcast: "Culture".

When: all year, major premieres - in September.

Kristina Kretova and Semen Chudin
Photo: Interpress /
Christina Kretova and Mikhail Martynyuk

Kristina Kretova, ballerina, leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theater:

- The year of ballet in Russia was announced for a reason, and the honor of the 200th anniversary of the French choreographer Marius Petipa, who is buried in St. Petersburg, where he staged dozens of outstanding ballets. Until now, almost all productions are in his editorial, he is the source.On the basis of his choreography “The Sleeping Beauty” of 1890, Yury Grigorovich made his revision in 1952, adding only strokes.

In the world, they do not hide that our ballet is “ahead of the rest,” and that they are guided by us. In New York, Prima Ballerina was Diana Vishneva, in Toronto it was Svetlana Lunkina, in San Francisco - Maria Kochetkova, in London - Natalia Osipova. In every famous western theater there is a Russian soloist, and that says a lot. Fans on tour meet, almost kneeling. Our dancers squeeze everything out of themselves in response: Uliana Lopatkina ended her career in 2017 at 44 because of professional problems. And I once left the decree after 10 days.

The standard is our Swan Lake (because there is no harder dance for it), but I advise you to start familiarizing yourself with this art with the New Year's Nutcracker. One of my favorite performances is The Taming of the Shrew, staged by Jean-Christophe Mayo. Stunning, lightweight, with modern decorations, costumes, music. We are preparing the premiere of “Anna Karenina” directed by John Neumeier. He also modernized the classics: Karenin is running for president, and Vronsky plays golf instead of racing.

The ballet should be popularized: there would be more such TV projects as Bolero by Ilya Averbukh (she won first place in a pair with Alexey Yagudin in the First Channel show of 2011. - Approx. Antennas). How glad I am about this decision: I thought every time I got on the plane, and when we announced the Year of the Ballet. In the Year of Cinema, five planes were named after the directors - maybe the ballerinas will now be given this honor.

Ole ole ole

what: 21st FIFA World Cup. Home!

Where: Moscow, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Yekaterinburg.

Broadcast: Channel One, VGTRK, Match TV.

When: from June 14 (Thursday) to July 15 (Sunday).

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Vladimir Stognienko, sports commentator (“Russia 1”):

- Our group rivals are Saudi Arabia (we play with them on June 14 in Moscow), Egypt (on June 19 in St. Petersburg) and Uruguay (on June 25 in Samara).

We are exceeding the Saudis, we must win. At the 1994 World Cup, the Desert Eagles sensationally defeated Belgium, which then deprived us of leaving the group. Today the head coach is Argentine Juan Antonio Pizzi. In the summer of 2017, he also coached the Chileans and led them to the final of our home Confederations Cup, during which everyone fell in love with the team and its fans.

Egypt participated in the World Cup two times - in 1934 and in the 1990s. Today, the "Pharaohs" has a superstar - Mohammed Salah, a midfielder of "Liverpool". The top scorer of the championship of England, scored a lot, and “Spartak” from him fell in December. Captain and goalkeeper of the Egyptians Essam al-Hadari will turn 45 on January 15, he will become the oldest player in the history of the world championships. The team is competent and disciplined.

With double world champions Uruguayans will have a hard time. The current leader of the sky blue is Luis Suarez. Not only one of the strongest strikers on the planet, but also likes to bite. In the literal sense: sometimes he finds something on him, and he painfully bites his rivals on the field. How it will behave with us, it is not clear, but the year something dogs.

From our own national team, we expect nothing. Leave the group - good. The last time it did the USSR in 1986. There are no obstacles for this. Let's go to ¼ - it will be a brilliant result. Further away is a miracle.

I advise fans to attend any match: there are no boring events at the World Championships. Even the duel of Tunis - Panama in Saransk (June 28) will be exciting. This is not only a sporting event, but also a cultural, social one. This is a festival.And in order to meet foreigners hospitably, I recommend learning not so much English as Spanish: Argentines, Uruguayans, Mexicans and Spaniards communicate in it. We are waiting for a holiday: all the fans are going to have fun with us, and our task is to organize at the highest level.

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