For the transformation of the usual wedding dress she needed 6 different colors and 7 hours of work.

Fiery wedding dress "Phoenix" was originally an ordinary dress in ivory. However, thanks to the creativity and incredible talent of the American designer, the usual dress became fiery and glowing. For her masterpiece, Felicity used 6 different colors and it took her 7 hours of work.

We have already written about how unusual ombre wedding dresses have been popular lately. In the past 2 years, more and more designers are decorating wedding dresses using a combination of different colors. But the paint can only be applied to dresses made from natural materials, for example, polyester.

So the dress looked like before the decoration:

Then Felicity made a sketch of the dress "Phoenix" on paper

In 2016, a similar eminent designer already created such a wedding dress, but Felicity decided not to use blue paint in her work, as they were not well suited to the autumn theme of the wedding.

So, it's time to get to work.

To begin with, Felicity took a few sprays of different colors and tested them on silk, tulle and lace.

The designer closed the lace part of the dress with ribbon and proceeded to coloring.

The dress began to appear the first shades of new colors - yellow, orange and red.

At the very edge, Felicity added a bit of purple to her.

She sprayed colors for several hours so that the bottom of the dress was evenly colored.

At the end of coloring, the designer took off the ribbon and added a little yellow color to the lace part of the wedding dress.

Dress "Phoenix" turned out incredibly beautiful and seemed to attract the rays of the sun.

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