Foundation flaws on screw piles

In the beginning it is worth telling about the construction of such a pile. So, the screw pile is an iron pipe with a sharp end and a blade in the form of a spiral. Previously, they were used as bridge supports and power lines in frozen and problematic soils. The high bearing capacity of such a pile is explained by the fact that during screwing the soil between the turns is not loosened, but compacted by a blade, that is, the screw pile enters the ground like a screw in a tree. After the installation of the pile, it is cut by the level, and a special support platform is fixed on top - the head, on which the channels or wooden bars are later mounted.
It is difficult to build a pile foundation on stony and dense soils, and the option with such piles is not suitable for rocks. When installed in such a land increases the risk of damage to the protective layer and, as a consequence, the appearance of corrosion. True, installation work may be carried out with the involvement of special equipment, but then you need to be prepared to increase financial costs.
These iron pipes are subject to corrosion.If their anticorrosive processing of proper quality has not been done, the structure may not stand for a long time.
Among the minuses of such piles and the fact that an already installed pile cannot be checked for damage. It remains only to hope for the professionalism and attentiveness of the workers who installed it.
When using screw piles of unknown companies, the poor quality of welds and other factors that make the construction with their help a risky undertaking were encountered. New piles should fully comply with all necessary parameters, such as the correct blade shape and pipe thickness.

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