Four Microwave Welding Machine

A full-fledged welding machine can be assembled from four microwaves. Find them in our time is not difficult, models may differ. The design is not complicated, it is not necessary to disassemble the transformer cores. Such a home-made welder is quite capable of providing a current of 200 A, which is great enough to maintain a stable arc.

It will take to assemble the device

  • Four transformers from microwave ovens.
  • A wire with an outer diameter of 7 mm, with an inner diameter of 4.5 mm (16 sq. mm.) lived - 13 meters.
  • A network wire of 1.5 sq. . mm - 2 meters.
  • Electrode holder and grounding clamp.

Making a welding machine

We disassemble the microwave ovens and take out transformers from them. More of them will not be needed. On average, each transformer has a power of 800-1000 watts. All of them are raising, so the secondary winding has a greater number of turns. Usually it is on top, but there are exceptions,so keep in mind.
Welding machine of four microwaves
Spiliivaya her bulgarian on both sides. This can be done with a manual hacksaw.
Welding machine of four microwaves
On the one hand and on the other.
Welding machine of four microwaves
To extract the central chat, use a drill. drill a hole and discard the remains of the wire. There is also a third between these two massive windings. It consists of several turns and serves to heat the cathode of the magnetron. We also delete it, it is not needed.
Welding machine of four microwaves
Transformers are prepared for further winding. But before that I recommend checking the resistance of all the windings - it should be approximately equal in all four. And it will not be superfluous to also check the short circuit to the core, you never know what ... So we will insure ourselves and check if we have damaged the windings during the mechanical impact. Or hasn't anyone done it to usif you found these microwaves in an unknown state.
Welding machine of four microwaves
Take a wire of 16 squares and a length of about 13 meters.
Welding machine of four microwaves
With this wire we wind the windings on all transformers in series and in one direction. There should be a total of 32 turns, 8 for each transformer.
Welding machine of four microwaves
There should be about one meter ends of the wire to connect the clamp and the holder. Transformers are arranged as a square.
Welding machine of four microwaves
We connect all network windings parallel to each other. The most important thing is to connect everything correctly, otherwise the transformers will work in antiphase.
Welding machine of four microwaves
Turn on the network. Measure the voltage at the output. It should be approximately equal to 30-32 V. If it is radically different, check the inclusion of all windings. Checking short-circuit current with a clamp ammeter. Of course, it is problematic to measure, since the wire is heated rapidly, but the device shows 326 A. The current will naturally be less when the arc burns.

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