Fridge magnet machine

After an interesting trip or a memorable event on our refrigerators, a collection of souvenir magnets is replenished. Funny or thematic, bas-relief or rectangular - they all remind us of the pleasant moments of life. Sometimes there are so many of them that we don’t even remember the history of their appearance. Another thing - a souvenir made by himself. The creation of such a magnet takes very little time. The process technology is very simple and even for a child. Prepare for work: • a small handful of gypsum, • two containers (for example, disposable cups),
• mold for casting, • paints (gouache) and a brush, • magnet, • glue (silicone or “Moment”), • lacquer (colorless nail or hair suitable).
Materials for the magnet
Before work, cover the workplace with a newspaper and put on an apron. Take care not to inhale the gypsum dust.Safety first! You can even close the mouth and nose with a gauze mask. The shape for the bas-relief can be made of silicone or plastic. Select the image to your taste. In this case it is a machine. First you need to fix the mold in a horizontal position. If it lies unevenly on the table, then simply place it on one of the cups.
Now let's do the preparation of the gypsum mortar in the second container. Take a disposable cup or plastic container of sour cream, which then do not mind throwing it away. Pour some water into it and, while constantly stirring with a disposable spoon (also throw it away), gradually pour in the gypsum powder. The finished solution should resemble a good sour cream. If it is too thick, it can badly fill small cavities in the mold, and from a thin one it will turn out a fragile bas-relief that will break after the first blow.
>img src="" alt="divorced gypsum" title="divorced gypsum">
Gently pour the resulting solution into the form. It is better to make it with a spoon, rather than pour over the edge of the glass.To ensure that no voids remain, gently shake the mold or mix the plaster with a toothpick. Remove excess mortar and smooth the surface. It should get smooth. Consider that the plaster solidifies within a few minutes, and it is necessary to work quickly. Do not pour the remains of gypsum into the sewer system!
 fill the form
The blank should dry for a couple of hours, then gently remove it from the form and leave it in a horizontal position overnight until full hardening.
dried figurine
Now proceed to the most interesting: colorization. Make sure that the gouache does not spread or mix during work. If the plaster mix after hardening has a grayish tint, then first cover the bas-relief with a layer of white gouache, let it dry and then paint it.
When the paint dries, you can cover the figure with a colorless manicure varnish or hairspray. This extra layer will make the colors brighter and more saturated,the figure is solid.
 we varnish
Now a small magnet or a piece of magnetic tape can be attached to the back of the figure with silicone or universal glue.
glue the magnet
Job is over.

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