From cold porcelain


Making cold china for modeling

Making cold porcelain for sculpting

Required materials: - white PVA glue, - disposable utensils (a couple of spoons and a glass of a deep bowl), - potato or cornstarch, - oilcloth or unnecessary paper, - hand cream, - acrylic paints or gouache.
Ring-rose from cold porcelain

Cold Porcelain Rose Ring

Everybody can create magic with his own hands, you just need to want it! With a little patience and after a couple of hours a beautiful flower will bloom in your hands. Even a beginner can make such a ring, it is especially interesting to do this with children. So let's get started.
Magnolia sprig

Sprig of Magnolia

Spring! How much of this word. Everyone is waiting for dry asphalt, warm and fragrant breeze, evening walks in the park under the singing of birds and bright colors on flowerbeds. Indeed, many like this time of year for flowers. Delicate snowdrops, refined
Bracelet with berries and flowers

Bracelet with berries and flowers

Molding from cold porcelain is a pleasant and fascinating activity for children and adults. It is pleasant to the touch, plastic and does not require firing. The products dry out in the air from 2 hours to 2 days, depending on the thickness of the work. Below is a step-by-step
Bezel with Daisies and Dogrose

Headband with daisies and wild rose

Molding from cold porcelain is a pleasant and interesting activity for all who like to create beauty with their own hands. The material is very plastic, does not require firing, the products are dried in air. Cold porcelain is beautifully painted with oil paints,
Cold Porcelain Ring with Orchid

Cold porcelain ring with orchid

It is always pleasant to create beauty with your own hands, surprising and delighting loved ones with original gifts. Cold porcelain is a pleasant occupation, as the material is very flexible and easy to work. Cold porcelain can be used purchased,
Cold Dog Porcelain Magnet

Magnet "doggie" from cold porcelain

Beautiful magnets can be easily done by hand. For this, polymeric clay or cold porcelain is suitable. And in today's master class you will learn how to make a “doggie” magnet. Materials: - Stek for modeling - Magnet - Cold porcelain - Gouache
Flower Arrangement and Cold Porcelain

Flower composition and cold porcelain

Doing needlework and still have not tried to make floralcompositions in the technique of cold porcelain? It's time to fix it! To prepare cold porcelain you need: - 50 grams of starch; - 50 grams of soda; - 50 grams of water; - any
Wedding glass decoration
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Wedding glass decoration

Glasses for the bride and groom - a special attribute of the wedding table. The newlyweds throughout the event are the focus of attention, so everything that surrounds the couple should be beautiful and memorable.

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