Girl's Skirt-Pack

All little girls dream of being princesses. And even if you are not able to sew at all, you can easily fulfill this childhood dream by making your baby a lush and beautiful skirt. It takes very little time, and the joy on the face of a child from receiving such a wonderful gift will more than pay for all your efforts. In order to make a tutu skirt we will need (Measurements are taken based on the length of the skirt 25 cm. longer, the amount of used tulle must be increased.): - tulle 2 mx 1.5 m (1 m - white, 0.5 m red, 0.5 m - pink); - scissors;
- thread; - needle; - elastic band at least 2.5 cm wide (in order to correctly determine the required length of the elastic band, measure the child's waist and from the floor chennogo values ​​takes 2 cm); 1. Take cuts of tulle and cut them into strips. The width of the bands - 25 cm, length - 50 cm.
 Tutu Skirt for a Girl
 Skirt-pack for a girl
2. Sew the gum.We put it on the legs or back of the chair and proceed to the assembly of our tutu skirt.
 Tutu Skirt for a Girl
3. We take a strip of red tulle and tie it on an elastic band (in no case should the elastic be tightened, otherwise it will fold and twist when worn).
>img src="" alt="Tutu Skirt for a Girl" title="Tutu Skirt for a Girl">
4. We tie the ends of the strip one more time to form a strong knot.
 Tutu Skirt for a Girl
5. In this way, we tie up all subsequent stripes of tulle, alternating the colored stripes with the white ones, to create the desired pattern. For this skirt, stripes of tulle were taken in the following sequence: - 1 red stripe; - 1 pink stripe; - 1 red stripe; - 5 white strips.
Tutu Skirt for a Girl
Tutu skirt for girls
 Tutu Skirt for a Girl
6. We tie strips of tulle, moving them tightly towards each other, until there is no room on the elastic band.The more stripes of tulle will be used, the more skirt will be obtained.
 Tutu Skirt for a Girl
7. Remove the skirt from the legs of the chair and evenly straighten all stripes of tulle on the elastic band.
 Tutu Skirt for a Girl
8. Now our tutu-skirt is completely ready to please its little owner.
 Tutu Skirt for a Girl

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