Golden Coffee Cup

This hand-made article is intended for coffee connoisseurs - people who love this unique aromatic drink. A cup of coffee in the morning - what could be better! There is a thing that can be better! There is! This is a golden coffee cup, the aroma of which will help to wake up every morning for a long time.
To make such an unusual crafts you will need: - coffee beans; - cup and saucer; - glue, glue gun, - twine - paint of golden color (ballonchik), - cinnamon sticks designed for decoration.
winding with string with a twig and cups
The first stage is winding with twine saucer and cups. It is necessary to start the winding from the middle of the saucer. First wind several circles directly in your hands, put glue in the middle of the saucer and glue the twine.
 winding with a twine saucer and cup
Next is necessary continue to twine around the saucer, occasionally smearing with glue.If the remnants of glue are slightly visible between the coils - it is not scary, since after they will be hidden by paint. Passing with the string along the edge of the saucer, you need to switch to the other side and continue winding.
 winding with twine a saucer and cup
 winding with a twine saucer and cup
In the same way, wind the twine and the cup, starting from the outside from the middle. Twine to the cup periodically.
 wrapping twine saucer and cups
When winding a cup, there are two problematic questions: how to wrap the handle and how to wrap the outer surface of the cup in the attachment points of the handle. Very simple! It is necessary to wind the twine in these places with twine pieces, measuring the necessary quantity and fixing the edges with glue. Golden coffee cup
 Golden coffee cup
Your golden coffee cup is ready to fill every one with an invigorating coffee aroma morning!

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