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Good afternoon. What will be fashionable this spring-summer?

I live in a small town, and of course I want to stand out. Since we wear outerwear in winter, it is not particularly important that the main thing inside is warm. But in the spring and summer you want something interesting to wear, original. Can you please tell what will be fashionable in spring and summer?



So! Trends!

What should we wear this spring and summer?

Immediately make a discount on the fact that the photo from the catwalks is just an idea, do not be alarmed if you see a shower cap on the model in a coat from the Miu Miu show, this is a joke, a game

Designers indulge, shock, interpret old themes.

And the old topic is now number one - this is the 80s

Read the points:

1. Fuchsia! (can be with purple, green!)

2. Peas

3. Baby Dollar Style

4. Different slogans on T-shirts.

5. beautiful and maximum open cuts / cuts on the chest

6. Overalls

7. Marie Antoinette - or rather Jacquard, bows, corsets.

In the photo "like Jasmine from Aladdin" is a Puma show, together with Rihanna.Ingenious solution to mix sport, old France and modern R'n'B. This is the way to pump a forgotten brand or bring it to a new level.

In general, wear a strip, peas, bright, gentle!


Of course the show on the catwalks is interesting. But it is easier to say, joggers are now in fashion (trousers with elastic waistband), lace trouser and jeans overalls, pumps, as well as designers advise us to buy high waisted trousers, they emphasize the bust line and lengthen legs. And as always, do not combine more than three colors in one image.

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