Green diet: how to lose weight on the cabbage

Cabbage dishes are low-calorie and help remove harmful toxins from the body, and the abundance of fiber allows you to fill the stomach and permanently stifle the feeling of hunger. Knowing how to lose weight quickly on cabbage, you can get rid of extra pounds without significant costs and hunger.

Is it possible to lose weight on cabbage?

In addition to feeling full, this vegetable supplies the body with valuable vitamins and trace elements: ascorbic and folic acid, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and manganese.

lose weight on cabbage
To lose weight on cabbage, do not fry it in oil with spices
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Cabbage is of different types:

- White;

- red;

- color;

- broccoli;

- Kohlrabi;

- Chinese;

- Savoy.

All these varieties are suitable for the preparation of dietary dishes that promote weight loss.

According to reviews, for ten days the cabbage diet can lose from 8 to 11 kilograms. In this case, the portions can not be too limited, and the menu - to vary.

An important point: do not use a lot of high-calorie oil for the preparation of dietary dishes from cabbage

Cabbage diets are not recommended for those who suffer from increased acidity of the stomach, abundant gas formation, diabetes, renal failure.

Nutritionists believe that losing weight on cabbage can be no more than 10 days. And it is better to arrange a dietary five-day, otherwise, because of the lack of protein and fat, apathy, lethargy, and lack of coordination can occur. In addition, during a long diet, the body begins to "store" every calorie, causing the weight to freeze.

Cabbage menu for those who want to lose weight

To lose weight on cabbage, not necessarily adhere to a strict diet. But an approximate menu can be compiled:

- In the morning it is worth to drink green tea or coffee without sugar.

- For lunch we offer cabbage soup with celery. To make it, we crush half a kilo of cabbage, sweet peppers, two tomatoes, and a couple of onions. We load all this into boiling water, add some salt and cook until ready. Sprinkle with chopped green celery on top. Portion size - at will.

- In the evening, prepare the salad "Brush".To do this, finely chop or rub the cabbage and carrots, add some salt. Add greens, a little olive oil or lemon juice. You can eat a boiled quail egg or half chicken.

This menu is approximate. For lunch you can cook soup and borscht without meat, soups, mashed potatoes. Dinner is not necessarily a salad: vegetable stew will do. You can pamper yourself and sauerkraut - there is a lot of vitamin C in it. The main thing is not to get involved in fatty dressings and spices.

Cabbage diet allows you to quickly lose a few extra pounds and save the family budget. This vegetable is inexpensive even in winter.

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