Gymnastics for the eyes

Eye training

Visual acuity can be restored in a natural way - however, this requires desire, patience and a little free time every day. Gymnastics for the eyes was developed by Indian yogis, who sought to harmonize the work of all organs and systems with vision, inclusive. The eyes begin to work intensively from school, so schoolchildren’s eyesight drops very sharply. Subsequently, the daily load on the eyes continues to grow - due to TV, computer and reading books in inappropriate conditions, poor vision is observed in a third of adults.
Gymnastics for the eyes must be done even to people with one hundred percent vision, because it helps to avoid many problems and prevent its decline.
In the world there are many effective exercises for restoring vision. When performing them, it is extremely important to follow all the rules that are given by the authors of the methods so that the gymnastics will give the most positive result.The most important condition for performing visual exercises is proper breathing - because during the gymnastics the eyeballs need a sufficient amount of oxygen, which will help restore nerve tissues and capillaries.

Eye Gymnastics Exercises

To improve the blood circulation of the eye nerves and muscles, you need to draw eights with the index and middle finger for five minutes, moving in the lower edge of the eye and above the eyebrow in the direction of the nose. After 8-16 approaches of the massage, you should move your eyes in a horizontal straight line to the left and to the right, up and down, and then clockwise. Then you need to quickly and intensely close your eyes, squeezing and relaxing the eye muscles.
To improve concentration, you can put a finger on the nose and try to see it with both eyes at the same time.
To reduce the likelihood of myopia or stop the decline in vision, you need to sit in a chair, relax and lean back. Then you need to take a deep breath, lean forward, exhale, deviate again and close your eyes. Hands should be put on the belt, and the head should be turned to the right so that you can see the elbow.Manipulation must be repeated with the left side.

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