Hairpin "Orange Butterfly"

The butterfly is a symbol of tenderness, fragility and unique trembling. Therefore, even decorations using the butterfly image involuntarily possess these qualities.
 Hairpin Orange Butterfly
To create such an ornament you should prepare: Material : - Clematis orange cloth. - White satin ribbon with a width of 5 cm. - Silver-colored beads of medium size. - White beads. - Wire.
- thin tape 0.5 cm wide golden brown - barrette. - large red sequins colors in the shape of hearts. Tools: - glue gun. - lighter. - ruler. - scissors. - tweezers. Creating a hair clip 1 Making wings To start with you need to cut out of the prepared orange cloth 6 identical even squares, each with sides of 5 cm. And from the white ribbon, too, make 4 pieces of the same size. Since the width of the tape is already 5 cm,then you will only have to cut off the necessary length. Now you need to make wings for butterflies from these blanks. To do this, take two squares, one orange and one white. You should fold them across to give them a triangular shape. Then you need to impose the resulting triangles on each other, combining one side of them. Orange should be located at the bottom.
 Hairpin Orange Butterfly
Then you need the free corner of the orange triangle to gently bend to the bottom.
Hairpin Orange Butterfly
After this, the same technique should be repeated with the free angle of the white triangle.
 Hairpin Orange Butterfly
As a result, you get a triangle, whose corners are intertwined, but the white side turned out to be on top. Now you should carefully fold the resulting part in half.
 Barrette Orange Butterfly
Sharpened and jagged edges you need to cut and immediately singe with firekeeping the fabric from shedding and soldering each made layer.
 Hairpin Orange Butterfly
Now from the fold lines of this part you need to measure 0.7 cm and cut it with scissors surplus. And the new sections thus obtained are gently singed with a lighter.
 Hairpin Orange Butterfly
Next you need to straighten the resulting piece and make the same three more pieces.
 Hairpin Orange Butterfly
Next from the remaining two orange squares, you need to make two more of the same elements, but without add white details. To do this, fold the square in half three times.
 Orange Butterfly Hairpin
Cut off thin, uneven corners and burn with a flame of a cigarette lighter. And then make the same width as the other parts, equal to 0.7 cm.
 Hairpin Orange Butterfly
After this, you need to make a golden ribbon two pieces of 8 cm each.And glue these segments one by one around the prepared combined elements.  Hairpin Orange Butterfly
2 Connecting the Butterfly. Now you need to gently glue together the combined detail and single orange. In this case, the second should be lowered by 0, 3 mm from the main workpiece. From the remaining elements, you should make the same pre-fabrication of the wings.
 Hairpin Orange butterfly
Now you need to glue the two pieces together, combining them only with the tops.
Hairpin Orange Butterfly
To get the lower wings you need to attach the upper wings.

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