Hairpin with flower

Kanzashi jewelry came to us from ancient China. About two hundred years ago, they were widely used by Chinese women of fashion for the traditional decoration of hair and clothes. It was then that for the first time, the straight hair of a woman and girl began to be laid in intricate and fancy hairstyles, decorating them with kanzashi flowers. Today, this style of jewelry is widely used far beyond China. This kind of decoration has reached our region. Kanzashi flowers are used not only to decorate hairstyles, but also to give a highlight to shoes, clothes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories. Very beautiful and original decorations have become real friends of modern fashionistas. In addition, each flower in this style is original and unique, as it is made by hand. Materials for manufacturing. In this master class we will show how to make a beautiful hair clip with a beautiful tricolor flower. For the manufacture of such a single flower, we need three pieces of approximately 30 centimeters of ribbons of red, black and white flowers. Red and black ribbons - wide, 5 centimeters.A white one and a half centimeters wide. We will also need a pistol with a glue rod, scissors, an ordinary lighter, a small clasp, on which we will fasten our flower and bead or, in our case, a red plastic flower.
Making a flower. First, we need to cut six even square pieces from each tape. Each of them needs to be burned a little in places of cut, so that the pieces do not fray.  cut the tape
 add Next - red square bend diagonally in half to a triangle has appeared.
three petals
The resulting triangle is bent again in half, getting a triangle in two times and less. Do the same with black and white squares. Next - connect the three triangles obtained by the bottom corners, and alternately attach the opposite corners to them.
 three petals
Lightly light up the folded corners and press them,connecting the molten ends together.
Petal ready, but not completely. We cut the back part of the obtained petal in length, reducing its height, and again firing the cut-off point a little, avoiding further shredding. That's all. The first petal is ready.
With other squares we do the same, and we get six petals to connect them into a flower, cut out a small circle from another square of ribbon, burn it in a circle , and with a hot gun, alternately glue the petals to the mug.
It should be noted that glue should be applied not only on the lower part of the petal, but also on its side, which will be adjacent to the adjacent petal. So they will be tighter and tighter to each other.
 smear with hot glue
After the glue has cooled slightly, pour a little more glue in the middle of the flower and glue the center.
 glue the petals to the mug
And after complete drying, we sit on a hot glue hairpin.

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