Hand-made paper for Mother's Day

Crafts made from paper for Mother's Day can be the best decoration of the holiday and the most pleasant way to raise your mood and tell your mom about your warm feelings.

Having gotten the right idea, each child will be able to make unique crafts for Mother's Day out of paper with his own hands - the main thing is to stock up on this with inspiration and the desire to create a really interesting product. For example, you can make your mother happy with a bouquet of baby photos.

 crafts for mom made of paper

crafts for mom made of paper

We make each of them in the form of a cardboard flower, attach it stick-stalk and fix the flower in a pot filled with expanded clay or pebbles.

Such an idea will be relevant for the kindergarten: each kid will make a flower with his photo, and educators will help them arrange bouquets. When mothers come to pick up their children, they will be able to find the right flower among many others by a photo.

 Flower with a photo for Mother's Day

A flower with a photograph on Mother's Day

You can glue a simple application in the form of a flower bouquet, making it more original with disposable plates.One plate is cut to half, the second is left whole. internal parts to each other - it turns out the basket. It remains only to fill the basket with bright paper flowers.

 Congratulation from a disposable plate

Congratulation from a disposable plate

Another interesting option Crafts are appliqués in the form of a flower in the room.The basis for creating such a plant is the imprint of the child's hand painted with green paint.It remains only to paste a cardboard pot and flower heads to get a beautiful composition.

Flower from the Palm

Palm flower

You can even make e flower, and a huge tree of hearts, each of which will tell about the love of the child to the mother.

A Tree of Hearts for Mother's Day

Tree of hearts for Mother's Day

You can please your mother with something delicious. For example, beautiful cupcakes.

 Congratulations on Cupcakes

Congratulations on Cupcakes

Or a bright ice cream ice cream.

>Postcard ice cream

Ice cream postcard

The original hand-made paper for the mother's day is obtained with the help of the same palm print. We cut the palm on the cardboard, cut it out - and we already have the basis for creating a postcard. We glue an accordion folded to it a small piece of paper, on which is written a congratulation. Done! If such prints are made in kindergarten, mothers will be happy to look for the palm of their child to read the greeting. You can draw a greeting if the kid still does not know how to write.

 Congratulations from the palms

Congratulations from the palm

You can draw postcard. Complete it with an interesting design - for example, a newspaper sheet,and an unusual congratulation will come to my mother's birthday.

 Congratulations on the newspaper

Congratulation on the paper

As you can see, there are many ways to congratulate Mom. The main thing is to choose the one that most pleases the child, because such an article should be crafted with only the warmest feelings.

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