Handbag for all occasions

Today I want to share with you how to sew a handbag for all occasions. You can have a lot of such handbags, they are easy to sew, functional and can be sewn to your every summer or autumn dress.
template handbags
I give you a drawing of a bag with dimensions. This is a proven option. It easily enters a small pocket of a smartphone, a package for unscheduled purchases, glasses or a reader is put in the back big pocket, and a large wallet, wet wipes and anything.
fabric locks
To sew a bag, we will need any fabric, thin or thick, thick tape for a pen and welt, three snakes. Snakes can be hidden and ordinary. It does not matter.
patterns handbags
Lay the patterns on the fabric, observing the location of the thread,
and cut the parts with an allowance for seams 0.5 cm from the edge.
Additionally, cut the pocket, in the photo I show where to sew snakes later.
fix pins
To sew a snake, pin it with English pins to the front part of the pocket
and write directly on needles.
Then we put a snake across the face
And we accept the welt from the front side, at the corners by slightly gathering or making folds.
We put the second part of the pocket face to face, fix with needles and stitch away, retreating from the edge of half a centimeter.
We cut off the excess snake and turn it on face.
The back of the pocket is overlaid on the front part and we take a zigzag stitch for beauty. If the fabric is thin - you can just tuck and stitch.
Now you have to sew the snakes to the front of the bag. Sew snakes in different directions, in the finished product they will look in one direction.
We attach both snakes and make out decorative stitching. Then we attach a pocket with needles and attach it.
Now we are starting to design the front, even I would say the top of our product. To do this, by the middle, you need to pin a ribbon cut off enough to carry the bag over your shoulder. And then fix the tape along the contour of the part with needles to form a cant. Why precisely needles? Basting does not always hold the edge well when spraying, needles are ideal in this regard, and even faster.
Here I want to immediately remind you that you need to attach small sections of velcro on both sides of the whole part of the bag, as shown in the drawing. We put a piece of velcro face-to-face on a part with a pocket (by no means the opposite) and fix it with needles in the center and other parts close to the edge.There is no need to fix on the very edge, there is a fairly hard edge already formed.
We stretch the part around the entire contour, leaving nothing anywhere. We line along the whole part, retreating from the edge of 0, 5 cm. Then we open one of the snakes and carefully twist it, removing the needles. Those who forgot to sew a velcro can do it manually, like me. There is nothing terrible about it.
Our handbag is ready. Use with pleasure.

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