Crafts from Valentine's Day

Crafts for children become especially interesting and attractive if in the process of their manufacture some beautiful, unusual objects and materials are used. For example, when creating a paper craft, you can offer your child to decorate the finished product with sequins. They will delight not only girls, but also little future men!

 Hand-made paper from Valentine's Day

Hand-made paper from Day Valentine's Day

With the use of sequins, you can get a wonderful hand-made article for Valentine's Day. It is enough to take a cardboard pink heart as a basis and try to decorate it as best as possible - and in the hands of the child will be an excellent gift for the closest person.

So what we do.

First of all, cut out of pink cardboard (it is desirable to use matte sheets with a rough surface) neat rather large heart. Babies can be helped at this stage of work.Then we arm ourselves with clerical glue and begin to gently spread the sequins along the outer edge of this heart, fixing each of them with a drop of glue mass. You can first apply glue around the perimeter, and then put on it the patches, each with a good finger.

 Lay out the patches along the outer edge

Lay out the patches along the outer edge

By this principle, we cover the whole surface of the heart with a palette, making it very elegant and festive.

 We cover with sequins all we have the surface

We cover the entire surface with sequins

. In the meantime, in the same way, we paste the same exact heart with pawns.

 Attach the patches to the second heart

We paste the patches on the second heart

When the seals are well secured, we put a layer of glue on the back of one of the hearts.Put a wooden stick on it (you can use a skewer for a kebab).

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