He from mackerel, squid and capelin

Heh's recipes are many. The most correct recipe is the one that you and your family like.

I trust this author. She is a great expert in Korean cuisine and conducts master classes in Moscow. I publish its version ...

Heshnik, as you know, can be prepared from anything (and in almost any case it will turn out well :))
Since we are very fond of this, I got into the habit of making oil for refilling heh on an industrial scale :)) Well, in a sense, a whole bottle of 250 ml. Longer than a couple of weeks oil would not keep it, but it goes away quickly. By the way, just a spoonful of it in a salad is very delicious.
So, I warm up in a dipper a glass of corn oil. I warm slightly, until the appearance of the first bubbles. I take it off the fire and throw it there:

  • Zira - a tablespoon. I have both whole and milled. It is possible to take the ground for speed, but it spoils the color of the oil a bit. Better to grind in a mortar whole.
  • Coriander - a teaspoon with a slide. He, too, in the mortar ceiling.
  • Paprika - a teaspoon.
  • Hot red pepper (I have a Korean kochukar) - a tablespoon with a slide. It is in my flakes, so I don’t grind it in addition.If she took more hot Thai chili - of course, it would take less pepper. The oil should not be completely fiery, rather, very fragrant, and now this zhaznerdado red-orange color :))

First, add cumin and coriander, paprika and pepper - a little later, they burn very easily and then they can taste bitter. If you have time, you can heat the oil several times and let it cool. I filter and it's ready! Now every time we cook it, it will be enough to heat up some of its spoons.
For fish hashes, I chopped off quite a lot of onions with quarter rings — it tastes great in — and a small bunch of green.
I add black ground pepper directly to fish / squid.
Yes, I use vinegar essence, although many will disagree with me.

Mackerel hee

Two large mackerel sheathed, removed the fillet and cut it into small pieces. I salted, peppered with black pepper. She added onions.
Warmed up the oil and poured to the fish, mixed. Added two teaspoons of vinegar essence. The fish will immediately change color and density. At the end put some green onions.Tightly put everything in the jar, making sure that the mackerel is completely immersed in the marinade. Put it in the fridge for a day.
Summarizing - the most successful and bright to taste heh. That's the way you want, but the mackerel for henshack is almost perfect :))

Xe squid

A kilogram of squid cleared of skin, removed the chord. I boiled a pot of water, salted it well, turned off the fire. I threw carcasses into boiling water and, stirring, brought them to a state of turbidity:)) Well, I don’t know how to describe it. The protein should begin to coagulate, but not yet solidify. That is, as soon as the squids began to lose transparency, I pulled them out and drained them. Sliced ​​into long pieces (squid simply cut, spread and cut).
Added a tablespoon of light soy sauce to squid.
I grated one small carrot with a grater. Salted her and left for 20 minutes, then wrung out. In general, everything is like a carrot. In principle, you can even ready to put, but already then after vinegar.
I mixed squids with carrots. I do not put onions on squid. Peppered with a mixture of black and sweet-scented peppers.
She warmed up the butter and added it to the cup. Interfered with 1 tsp. essences (for gentle squid it is not needed as much as for fish).Green onions, on the contrary, added more. I rammed into a container, put it in the fridge for a day.
Excellent snack, squid retained tenderness and was not rubber. He has a little taste, but the carrot successfully complements everything. And I do not advise to ignore the soy sauce at the gas station.

Hee from capelin

I already showed hehe from capelin:
This time I decided to try not to gut it, but just to remove my head. Capelin was very caviar, large. Preparing according to the previous recipe.
Summary - Epic Fail. In the eviscerated capelin, all the seeds from the essence dissolved, and when marinated with whole carcasses - remained in place. And to pick oneself in oil fish is somehow not cool to me. Yes, and caviar goes great on sandwiches in the morning ... In general, capelin, IMHO, - just gut!
UPD. After 5 days in the capelin the bones also ceased to be felt.

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