He set fire to the coffee grounds in his yard ... The reason for this is brilliant!

Summer is one of the most wonderful seasons. But it would be even better if it were not for annoying mosquitoes and other harmful insects. Together with the unpleasant buzz, many of them carry various diseases.

Repellents from the store, unfortunately, are not always effective, but they are also expensive and very toxic. Children are especially sensitive to them. Such funds cause not only allergies, but also heart disease, and also negatively affect nerve cells. Therefore, we advise you to forget about store repellents and start collecting coffee grounds ...

Mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers have a lot of olfactory receptors, thanks to which they are looking for ("sniff out") sources of blood. This makes them more sensitive to certain odors. For example, to the smell of smoke. Therefore, the best way to protect against annoying insects is to set fire to the coffee grounds.

First, it gives off a strong aroma.Secondly, produces a lot of smoke.

If you decide to sit outside, on an open terrace or on a balcony, simply place dry coffee grounds on aluminum foil or a plate and set it on fire. You can also add crushed bay leaf.

The tool acts with a bang, and it is completely harmless to humans. By the way, the thicket helps to get rid of not only mosquitoes, but also flies, ants, slugs and snails.

Attack of mosquitoes will begin in the second half of June, so we recommend you note this article.

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