Home hairdresser: give hair volume from the roots

Even thin styling tricks that are not difficult to master will help to add volume to even thin hair. And the means for this will require the most simple and affordable:
- Combs of various shapes (skeletal, round, regular);
- Hair dryer with different nozzles;
- curlers;
- Means for laying and fixing hair.
All this, as a rule, is available in the cosmetic arsenal of most women. It remains only to learn to skillfully apply all these simple tools, and others will look with envy and admiration at your thick and lush head of hair.
To give the hair volume at the roots, you need a mousse for hair styling, which is evenly distributed on the hair from the very base to the ends. Before this, the hair can be washed at will and slightly dried with a towel or left dry, but their cleanliness is a must.
After that, armed with a round brush of sufficiently large diameter, lift the hair strand by strand and blow-dry. Start the procedure with the lower curls, the hair on the top of the head should be laid in the last place.
Raising the hair at the roots, you can put it to your liking: straighten it with an iron or twist it into seductive curls.It is most convenient to form beautiful curls with the help of forceps.For a more reliable result, use hair gel.
Fix the hairstyle fix hairspray.
Curls add hairstyle to hair, and this should be used. Hair curlers of various shapes will help to create curls for every taste.
Large curlers are suitable for creating soft, natural waves on long hair. Therefore, if you want to try on the image of a romantic maiden, think about how to quickly grow hair. Also large curlers will allow you to create a voluminous, fluffy hairstyle from medium-length hair.
Papillots will allow you to create a fantasy on your head from spiral curls. You can curl all the hair, and individual strands.
Thermodigudi - express option, suitable when the time to create hairstyles is limited.
Before curling the hair on the curlers, they can be treated with weak hold hairspray or mousse.
The pile will allow you to quickly and effectively give the hair the volume that is needed. Having combed your hair, you can significantly visually increase their thickness, but the technology of its creation has a number of features:
Hair should be combed directly in the part that needs additional volume for the designed hairstyle (fringe, nape, crown).Only hair at the base is combed, but the ends of the strands remain natural.It is possible to fix combed hair with lacquer only when the hairstyle is finally ready, otherwise you risk severely damaging your hair when combing. For short hair, no comb is needed at all. To make a short haircut look more voluminous, it is sufficient to dry it with a hair dryer, lifting hair strand by strand with your fingers at the base and treating the roots with a stream of hot air.
When using bouffant, remember that this method of giving volume harms the hair and disrupts its structure, so you need to use it less often, and even better, give preference to other methods of creating a voluminous hairstyle.

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