Homemade milk cream ice cream

Creamy ice cream from homemade milk
When you want to please your very own and loved ones with natural and tasty cream ice cream, prepare it according to this recipe. Cooking homemade ice cream takes only a few minutes, the set of products is minimal, and the result will surpass all expectations! Ingredients: -3-liter can of home-made milk;
homemade milk
-90 grams of sugar; - vanilla sugar; -2 yolks.
 sugar of the egg
Preparation technology: 1) Collect from the milk tops (cream) - 250 ml, boil, cool, set 2) boil 250 ml of homemade milk, cool to room temperature, 3) whip the yolks with the cooked sugar and vanilla mixer;
4 ) continuing to beat the yolks,add milk and beat a little more;
 with a mixer
5) put the yolk-milk mixture on a slow fire and bring to the formation of bulbs with constant stirring; 6) cool, put in refrigerator; 7) whip the mixer with a mixer until the formation of the ridges; 8) add the yolk-milk mixture to the cream and beat again; 9) pour into the forms and freezer overnight.
Creamy ice cream from homemade milk
Bon appetit!

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