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Soap making is now very popular. Cooking soap at home is fun and very simple. And if you are just starting to engage in this hobby, then you should choose simple recipes that will definitely turn out beautiful, fast and easy! I offer one of these recipes for homemade soap ... For the "Game of Color" soap you need: 1. White soap base. 2. Transparent soap base. 3. Any base oils (shea butter, grape seed, peach, etc.). 4. Flavors (duchesses, grapes, strawberries with cream or any other), instead of flavorings you can use natural essential oils (orange, lemon, lavender ...). 5. Form for soap "Oval" (you can rectangle or any other, but with an oval it turns out more interesting). 6. Two of any cosmetic dye, well combined with each other (red \ yellow, yellow \ green, yellow \ blue). 7. Wooden skewer. 8. Alcohol. 9. Utensils for melting the base. 10. Knife.
Homemade Soap Game of Color
Having prepared everything you need,We begin to melt the transparent soap base in two containers. Cut it into pieces, immediately (possible and after kindling) add 10 drops of selected colors. Showing the example of yellow and green.
 Home Soap Color Game
We sink a base of seconds 20 in the microwave. Time depends on the power of your microwave, if you do not want to use it, you can melt the base in a water bath. The main thing is not to bring to a boil! Even an overly hot base will not work, it will quickly mix. When two bases of different colors are ready, we enrich them with a few drops of any base oils and add a couple drops of flavor (or essential oil). Form for soap sprinkled with alcohol from a spray bottle.
 Home Soap Color Game
Begin to pour the basics, do it simultaneously from different ends of the form. Leave some space in the form for the white base layer. The peculiarity of this method is that the soap is always different. The pattern is born by itself, obeying the laws of physics. Two colors are mixed in the middle,form a new shade. Watching this process is very interesting. As soon as the color base is poured into the form, we leave it until it solidifies. It takes 30-40 minutes, the more the better.
 Homemade Soap Game of color
Preparing a white base. We also drown it, without boiling, enrich with oils, mix thoroughly and pour over the colored base, after having been sprinkled with alcohol. Try to prevent the white base from damaging the color layer. It should not be too hot and flood better, starting from the middle. Leave to freeze. It is possible not to make a white layer, to fill the color bases with a shape to the edge. In this case, it will be possible to preserve the beautiful transparency of the soap, but I prefer it with a white layer.
 Homemade Soap Game of color
Home Soap Game of Color We take out the soap and wrap it in cling film, try not to leave fingerprints on it. Here are some options for the finished soap, resulting from the combination of two colors with different lighting.I have the following colors: - “Green Apple” in combination with the color “Lemon”, - “Lemon” in combination with the color “Bulgarian Rose”, - “Lemon” in combination with the color “ Aquamarine".
 Homemade soap Playing colors
 Homemade Soap Game of Color

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