How beautiful to smile?

A smile is one of the most important tools for effective communication with others. It allows you to demonstrate not only joy, but also a positive attitude towards your interlocutor. For these reasons, many think about how to smile beautifully.

Lip muscle training

It's no secret that expressing joyful emotions requires using more than 40 different muscles. At the same time a beautiful smile is distinguished by symmetry. However, almost every person has slight differences in the right and left half of the face. Therefore, the regular implementation of some exercises will help to achieve positive results. For example, you can squeeze your lips tightly and try to draw a sign of infinity in the air. After that, relax the muscles and repeat the procedure 5 times.

Well-kept oral cavity

Uneven teeth that are exposed when smiling? can spoil the overall pleasant impression of a person. It is recommended to correct the bite, referring to the services of an orthodontist.After that, you can go to such procedures as dental implantation, stone removal and professional whitening.

Gum Contour

Periodontal on symmetrical incisors and canines should be the same length. If the gingival contour, for example, on the upper incisors is not the same, then the impression of unevenness and asymmetry of a smile will be visually created. Correction of the gums can be done with a periodontist, who will adjust the level of soft tissues to the ideal.

Teeth line

Surely, many people have repeatedly noticed that some people, smiling, look much younger. In fact, their secret is quite simple. If the line of the upper teeth follows the contours of the lower lip, then visually the person looks younger. Especially this rule should be noted by women. With age, as a result of weakening of some muscles, the upper lip sags, and with a smile, it is not the upper incisors that are visible, but the lower ones. If this circumstance is corrected, then the person will become younger by several years.


As it is no wonder, but the teeth, as well as the figure, have ideal proportions.At the upper front, it is 1: 0.75, where 1 is the length and 0.75 is the width. This fact must be taken into account if a prosthesis of 1 tooth is planned, which can be adjusted to the correct shape.

Edge of the front incisor

The 6 upper teeth have a different level of edges. The four large front teeth are incisors, the largest being called the medial ones. Fangs are located on each side. The line of these six incisors should not be the same. Modern capabilities of medical services allow you to adjust these figures and achieve a beautiful smile.

Smile Naturalness

No matter how skillfully the smile is worked out and how seriously the doctors work on it, if it is not natural, then it will be extremely difficult to draw sympathy from others. Learning to smile not only with lips, but with eyes is a great art, but it can be mastered as well as training the muscles of the lips. Sincerity has surrounding more than beauty.

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