How easy it is to enhance the Wi-Fi signal

Another simple way how to amplify the signal of your Wi-Fi router, laptop or computer without spending a penny. The story will be about how to do a nozzle with your own hands on an existing antenna, with which you can significantly increase the signal level, and hence the range and coverage of a Wi-Fi signal.
How easy it is to boost the WiFi signal

What we need

From the materials for the nozzle:
  • Foam backing - food packaging. You can use any other material or sheet of cardboard.
  • Thick copper wire. Short cut.
  • Scissors.
  • Ballpoint pen or pencil.
  • Caliper or regular ruler.
  • Nippers.
What do we need for manufacturing

Drawing antenna attachments

All dimensions are in millimeters. The idea is this: a long section of a foam substrate is inserted into the antenna, into which copper segments are inserted.This creates the antenna directivity and signal concentration in one direction. The distances between the copper segments are indicated on top. And below the length of each copper segment.
Drawing nozzles on the antenna
I took a pallet in which very often dates or greens are sold.
How easy it is to amplify the WiFi signal
A piece of thick copper wire 0.8-0.9 mm in diameter. You can try it with a thicker one.
How easy it is to boost the WiFi signal
Mark up the lining with a caliper and set the dots with the handle where the antenna from the router will be inserted.
How easy it is to amplify the WiFi signal
We draw out the cut lines.
How easy it is to amplify the WiFi signal
Cut out the guide with ordinary scissors.
How easy it is to enhance the WiFi signal
We look at the drawing and decide where and how long the segment will be inserted.
Drawing the antenna attachment
Cut the wire into a wire with the appropriate length.
How simple to amplify the WiFi signal
Insert the wire segments into the guide.If desired, they can be fixed with hot glue so that they do not fly out.
How simple to amplify the WiFi signal
Our amplifier head is ready for testing. How easy it is to boost the WiFi signal

Check the signal level

Turn on the laptop, start the program scanning the signal reception level. Let's wait a little to notice the level of the initial reception. Then we dress the Wi-Fi antenna, direct it to the router and immediately see an increase in power and signal level.
Checking the Signal Strength
To check, we remove the nozzle from the antenna and immediately see the signal drop to the initial level. Checking the signal strength Again, we dress and again see an increase. Everything works fine.
Checking the signal level
I put on the tip on the Wi-Fi adapter module connected to the laptop. If you want to significantly increase the reception distance, then you need to put such a nozzle on the antenna of your distributing router. Two Wi-Fi antennas aimed at each other will work fine. This is such a simple and effective way to make life easier in a few minutes.Now in my garden house there are no problems with the Internet, and most importantly, I did not have to buy anything. And we all know how much expensive antennas or routers for remote points and objects now cost. See you again.

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