How is acceleration measured?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
January 22, 2013
How is acceleration measured?

Acceleration is considered to be a derivative of speed, taken over time. This is a vector quantity, which indicates exactly what the magnitude of the velocity vector of the body or point changes when moving for one unit of time. On this basis, acceleration not only takes into account the change in speed, but also its direction.

For example, in the case when a body falling on the Earth, neglecting the resistance from the air, can increase its own speed in one second by almost 9.8 m / s.

Find out what is measured acceleration at a given time. In SI, the unit of measurement of acceleration is per second meter per second, that is, m / s2 (m / s²). Very often use a non-system unit Galom (Gal), which is mainly used in gravimetry, with 1 Gal equals 1 cm / s².

Very often accelerometers are used in the measurement of acceleration. Directly, they are not able to measure the acceleration, since their task is to measure the force of the support reaction that occurs during accelerated motion.

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