How is the quality installation of the entrance doors

The installation of entrance armored doors includes the following steps:

Dismantling the old door

In this case, you may need to do the dismantling of baseboards and the transfer of telephone and other cables. It is important that during dismantling the walls near the door are not damaged.

Installing the door frame

The length and size of the fastener should correspond to the material from which the wall is made; it can be from 10 to 20 cm. The door frame is leveled along the building plummet so that the new door is level. From the qualitative implementation of the installation phase depends on how reliable the new door structure will be. After all, no matter how high quality the security door itself would be, if the box is not firmly fixed, the attacker will have no difficulty getting into the house.

Web Installation

Steel hinges for hanging door leaf are of 2 types: detachable and one-piece.

The non-detachable are used more often because they are easy to assemble and dismantle. Side drains after a canopy should be smooth. The maximum allowable gap between them is 4mm. Tighten the locking bolts only after checking. The door must be closed and opened without obstruction.

Clearing gaps

High-quality installation can be considered complete only when there is no gap. To eliminate them, use mounting foam.


To make sure that the door is installed in accordance with all requirements, it must be opened 45 degrees. If it maintains balance at the same time - everything is done as it should!

Many people, in order to save money, try to install metal entrance doors on their own, using hints and tips found on the Internet. The idea of ​​saving money on installing doors and not using the services of professionals at first glance seems attractive. But if you have never done this and are not experts in this field, think about the possible unpleasant consequences. If you install non-professional doors, you risk:

  • Scrape walls and damage cables during dismounting
  • It’s not good to install the door frame and allow attackers to enter the house.
  • Installing the box or the door itself is uneven, making it difficult to use and ruining the look.
  • Leaking excess gaps, which will affect sound insulation and protection from cold.

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