How not to get swine flu during an epidemic



Bacteria of the virus spread like lightning under conditions that a person creates in an apartment without hesitation. There is only one way to transmit the disease - airborne. Therefore, it is necessary not only to thoroughly air all the rooms, but also to regularly perform wet cleaning with the use of antimicrobial agents. The air in the rooms should be updated for better circulation. Do not forget to buy an anti-bacterial soap at the pharmacy and wash your hands thoroughly several times a day to eliminate possible harmful bacteria from the skin.


Be sure to include in the diet foods rich in vitamin C. These can be lemons, black currants, apples, rosehip decoction, sea buckthorn, etc. Increasing the dose of ascorbic acid and taking a course of multivitamins will strengthen the body's immune system, which is extremely important during the epidemic.Additionally, take a drink made from fresh ginger, lingonberries and honey. Refuse temporarily from heavy and fatty foods so that your body directs all its forces to fight infection.


Try not to attend mass events, do not take children for holidays or shopping centers and find an opportunity not to use public transport. Such a measure is very simple and effective. However, many people forget about this council, despite the active propaganda in the media. As a rule, the virus is transmitted from person to person in places of significant concentrations of people.

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