How to achieve an even tone of face

Perfect skin is believed to be the result of a healthy body. Unfortunately, not all modern girls can afford to go out without the use of cosmetics. However, with proper skin care, it is possible to minimize the use of tonal resources.
It turns out that a large number of factors affect the skin color. This and proper nutrition, and the environment, and a person's lifestyle, and bad habits. It even affects how much time a girl spends at the computer and indoors. Therefore, the first step is to try to minimize these negative factors.
As for the face, you first need to pay attention to the regular cleansing of the skin. The face should be cleaned twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, it is desirable not to use running water, but purified or boiled water, since it has a less aggressive effect on the skin. After cleansing, your face should be moistened to avoid the unpleasant feeling of dryness.Before each exit to the street, apply the cream on the face, which contains a protective filter against ultraviolet rays (it is better to use cream with a protection factor of SPF15 and above).
To make the skin look healthy and have an even color, then regularly make masks. It is better to apply them in the evening, so that in the morning the skin of the face would look rested and radiant. In the morning, cleansed skin can be rubbed with lobules of cucumber, its properties can give an additional tone to the skin. Also, do not forget about proper nutrition, which also has a direct effect on the complexion.

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