How to be in shape

Give up bad habits. Be sure to stop smoking, limit alcohol intake. Constantly monitor your health. If possible, every six months, perform a general massage course. Keep stressful situations to a minimum. Follow the correct schedule of the day. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
Move more. To save the figure, walk at least 1-2 km per day on foot, prefer the stairs and the elevator and escalator. Very good for well-being, small walks before bed. On weekends go to the forest, out of town or in the city square, park. If you have a farm, take a small plot for outdoor activities. Sow his lawn and in good weather play active games in the fresh air. Engage in seasonal sports. For example, get up on skis, skates, snowboard in the winter, get a subscription to the pool, and in the summer, spend time on tennis, badminton, volleyball, cycling. If there are no contraindications, visit the sauna and bath regularly.
Exercise sports training for an hour 2 times a week. Change every 2-4 months the type of load on the muscles. For example, do yoga, then dance, step, aqua aerobics. Besides the fact that such changes contribute to a better development of the body, in a short time classes will not have time to get bored.
Analyze your nutrition. Reduce the amount of flour and confectionery to a minimum. Pay special attention to snacking. Instead of fast food, eat a handful of nuts, vegetable salad, fresh fruit or vegetables. Once every 2-3 days, replace the fried and baked dishes with steamed. Make sure the body gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
Remember about incentives. You wanted to put yourself in shape in order to look great, like someone, or draw attention to yourself. But you always want to remain a beautiful and attractive person.

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