How to borrow at the expense of "Megaphone"

This service is called �Credit of Trust� and allows subscribers to call someone forscore�funds of a cellular company. Although the conditions for activating a trust loan service vary depending on the region, however, the connection process is the same everywhere. To begin, you must meet certain criteria of the company - use the services "Megaphone�More than 4 months and for the last quarter to spend more than 600 rubles for cellular communication.
To activate the Trust Loan service, please contact your nearest service office with your passport and ask the salon employee to calculate the loan amount.
Read the information on the possible credit limit, which depends on the period during which you used the Megaphone connection and on the amount of money spent on the connection. The more money you spend on Megaphone, the greater the amount of credit you will receive.
Dial the combination of characters * 138 #, press the send call button, and then enter the amount you need. Thereby you activate the �trust loan� service.
Credit funds from Megafon are issued only for three days, after which they are withdrawn from the subscriber�s account. Therefore, if you do not want to be back with an empty balance of the phone, do not forget to replenish it in time.
Since within a month your spending on cellular communication may increase or decrease, respectively, your credit limit will also be recalculated. As soon as you start spending more money on Megaphone, the credit limit rises. If you reduce your subscriber activity, the loan amount is also reduced. And it will decrease even in the case when the balance of your phone number is toolong�is in shutdown mode.

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