How to care for sore ears

First of all, it is recommended to remove pus from the ear canal two or three, or even several times a day. It is done this way: on a wooden stick or a special ear probe, they screw up some cotton wool. The wand is inserted into the ear one to two centimeters and gently rotate it. Vata is changed until it is dry after wiping.
The described method, as a rule, is quite sufficient to remove pus. Only in some cases (with abundant and prolonged suppuration), doctors prescribe ear washing. To do this, take warm boiled water (temperature 37 degrees) or a weak solution of potassium permanganate and fill this liquid with a small rubber bottle.
The auricle is pulled up and back and, having entered a tip of a cylinder into an ear by one centimeter, washed it. It is necessary to substitute under the ear of any vessel, which will drain the fluid. Rinsing ends when the water is clear.Usually one or two cylinders is enough. After washing, the head should be tilted to the side, in the direction of the patient's ear, so that the remnants of the water remaining in it poured out, and carefully dry the ear with a cotton swab.
Rinsing the ear should not be allowed to flow under high pressure to avoid dizziness caused by irritation of the ear maze. The same sensation sometimes arises in cases where the temperature of the fluid with which the ear is washed is significantly lower or higher than the body temperature. If dizziness occurs, ear flushing should be stopped.

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