How to care for your hair during the holidays?

Going to the sea in August, do not forget to take care of your hair. The sun mercilessly dries them, wind and salt water confuse and make brittle. For your curls, this is not a rest, but a torment. We tell what to do to come back from vacation with healthy and beautiful hair.

Find hair care products

The good news is that everything you need to protect your hair in the sun has already been invented. Many brands have rulers specifically for this purpose. For example, in Kerastase - Soleil gamma. Shampoo, mask with protection from ultraviolet rays and multifunctional cream care. Means are suitable for all types of hair, with their work cope perfectly.

Kerastase Hair Care Products

Kerastase hair care products:multifunctional care cream Crème SS (2 450 rub.);After-sun shampoo Après-Soleil (1 890 rub.)UV Défense Active Mask (3,150 rubles)

Do not forget about the mask for hair

From sun exposure, hair can be good. You can arrange a spa-care for them with the help of improvised means. Apply to a slightly damp hair a restoring mask, wrap them with foil and tan like Irina Sheik. Let the surrounding think that you are crazy, just wear a similar hat.The result is worth it: because of the thermal effect, the mask penetrates deep into the hair and is better absorbed.

Nourishing Hair Restoration Masque Davines New Naturaltech Nourishing Hair Building Pak

Davines New Naturaltech Nourishing Hair Building Pak Nourishing Repairing Mask (2 265 rubles)

Do not ignore sunscreen

The scalp can also burn. To avoid this, apply a sunscreen on the parting line, even if you almost always wear a hat and remove it only when you go swimming.

Sunscreen Sublime Sun Cellular Protect SPF 50 L’Oreal Paris

Sunscreen remedy Sublime Sun Cellular Protect SPF 50 L’Oreal Paris (940 rubles)

Take care of the correct comb ...

Combing wet hair is extremely undesirable - in this state they are more vulnerable and brittle. But if it was necessary, reduce the possible damage with the correct comb. Best - Tangle Teezer. She will unravel even the most difficult "situations" on your head. Also does not harm hair. Try and understand why for several years the world has been going crazy over these combs.

Comb Tangle Teezer

Comb Tangle Teezer (1 190 rub.)

... and an elastic band that takes care of hair

Everyone sometimes wants to go for a walk on the beach with her hair loose, like in a movie. But the wind and the sea confuse the hair, because of what they break and split. Want to keep your curls healthy - remove them. Best of all not in a bunch, but in a light braid. Tie the weave better spiral silicone rubber band - this does not compress the hair and leaves no creases.

Silicone hair band Hair Bobbles

Silicone hair band Hair Bobbles (320 rub.)

And remember that the main thing is a hat!

And yet the best hair protection in the sun is a hat. If the arguments that the headgear protects against overheating, do not work for you, remember that this will also save your hair from drying out, burning out the color and burning the scalp.

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