How to care for your hands in winter

Be sure to wear gloves or mittens in cold weather. Even if you got out of the house for five minutes, do not forget to protect your hands, because this time is enough for a sharp temperature drop to adversely affect the condition of the skin.
Try to wash your hands only in warm water, as it is very cold or hot that makes your skin dry. In this case, give preference to liquid soap on plant extracts or with the addition of nourishing oils.
Do housework related to water only in rubber gloves. Any cleaning agent or frequent in the water causes irreparable harm to the skin of the hands.
Apply hands with a nourishing cream several times a day, because the skin of your hands in the winter needs additional moisturizing. However, before going out into the street, the cream should be completely absorbed into the skin.
Once a week, use a hand scrub that will clean the skin of dead skin particles. It can be purchased at the store or prepared by yourself, mixing, for example, olive oil and fine sea salt.
A couple of times a week make hand baths from a mixture of chamomile, sage and calendula.This warm decoction perfectly softens the skin and promotes healing of microcracks.

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