How to change gif file

Use a simple application for viewing images, if editing a gif-file should consist in manipulating the size of the visible image area, its rotation or other simple operations. Even a standard viewer built into Windows Explorer can rotate images. Programs that are more oriented to work specifically with files of graphic formats have built-in functions for editing images, changing their sizes and weight for gif-files. The program FastStone Image Viewer, for example, has functions to change the sharpness, saturation and other parameters of the image, add shadow and other effects, discoloration, apply text labels, watermarks, drawing, etc.
Use more advanced software products if the capabilities of image viewers to make the necessary changes to the gif-file is not enough. The most common professional-level graphic editors today are Adobe Photoshop.Of course, the use of such an editor will require additional time to master its tools. This program has a lot of possibilities for working with static images in this format, but it is not intended for editing animated gif-pictures, although there are undocumented editing options for such files.
Install a specialized program if you need to change exactly the animation placed in the gif-file. This may be, for example, GIMP, Microsoft GIF Animator, Format Factory and others. Such applications consume less resources and take up less disk space than, for example, Adobe Photoshop, but at the same time provide more tools for working with gif-animation.

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