How to change the prefix

You will need
  • - computer connected to the Internet;
  • - Mysql skills;
  • - Wordpress.
Use the plugin to change the prefix of the WP-Security-Scan tables. You can install it by clicking on the link Go to the plugin window, then in the Change the current field, enter the desired prefix, then click the Start Renaming button.
Use to modify the prefix in Wordpress with the Table Prefix Rename Plugin add-on. To install it, go to Install the plugin, then go to Settings. The process of changing the prefix in this case consists of two stages.
First, enter a new prefix for the table in the New Table Prefix window, then click the Generate new tables button to create a new table based on the new prefix. Go to the server, open the file wp-config.php using notepad. Find the name of the table in it and enter a new prefix in it. Next, perform the replacement tables. To do this, click on the Change table prefix button.
Go to the server, open php MyAdmin. The old tables with the previous prefix remained here, so you need to get rid of them. Check them off and remove.
Modify the table prefix in the database using direct SQL queries. To do this, first make a backup of your base. Go to php MyAdmin, open the query window. Type the following text in it: Rename table wp_posts to “Enter a new prefix” _posts; This is a query that renames a single table. There can be several such tables on the site. For each of them, you must perform a query to replace the prefix.
After that, edit the Prefix_options table, to do this, make a request with the text Update “Enter a new prefix” _options set option_name = ’“ Name of a new prefix ”c_user_roles’ where option_name = ’wp_user_roles’ limit 1 ;. Repeat this query for each option that uses old prefixes. Next, edit the configuration file and enter the new prefix there.

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