How to choose a laminate: take into account all the features

Choosing a floor is no easy task. Ceramic tile, linoleum, parquet, or laminate. Different floors in Russia can confuse you with their diversity. Among all these categories, often the choice stops on the laminate. And this, in general, is understandable - the price is optimally correlated with quality, the coating does not leave scratches from furniture or heels, does not fade in the sun and does not leave traces of large loads. But there is a reservation: we are talking about the correctly chosen and properly laid laminate on the previously prepared floor. What are the criteria for choosing this flooring to serve you for years to come? Since, of course, along with the above advantages, the laminate, like any other coating, has some disadvantages.

Different rooms require different types of laminate, depending on the purpose.Either you put the floor in an actively visited room, or in a room with a pretty strong load on the floor, or, conversely, it will be your bedroom, where only you are. Good floors in Russia can be found on the site, including laminate.

There are several similarities between laminate and budget, and more expensive manufacturers:

- Laminate is afraid of water. You can easily perform daily wet cleaning. But if it comes to flooding, then this cover suffers quite strongly. Namely: the floor is deformed, especially from hot water. Only some brands are able to withstand the deluge, but without deformation, and in this case will not do - the coating expands and swells.

- The laminate enhances sound vibrations. Although its loudness is due to the absence of a special substrate. So, the laminate needs to be fixed with a substrate made of cork, expanded polyethylene, expanded polystyrene.

Laminate is divided into several classes, depending on the degree of resistance to wear. Consequently, the choice of a laminate class depends on your requirements for a particular room.If a room with a large cross, where there is a large number of people every day, or a children's room, it is better to use laminate with a higher class - 32, 33. In rooms where only you are, or very rarely visited, you can also use a cover of 31 classes. But keep in mind that the period of wear will differ: the higher the class, the longer the service life.

Be sure when choosing a laminate, consider its thickness, which may directly depend on the condition of the floor on which it is supposed to lay the floor. The thinner the floor, the thinner the laminate can be, which will significantly reduce costs. But in this case, the floor needs to be well prepared.

If you are interested in purchasing a more durable laminate, then choose a thickness of 10-12 mm, if you want a thinner coating, then 5 or 8. If the floors are heated, please note that a thin laminate will heat up much faster.

When combining several types of laminate, it is better to purchase it from the same manufacturer, since the thickness of even one type of coating may differ.

Frequent wet cleaning or laying the laminate in the bathroom imposes additional requirements on the floor.In this case, stop your own preference well on the laminate with the best moisture-proof performance.

When installing laminate flooring in living rooms, be sure to worry about sound insulation. Nowadays, the market shows types of laminate with a special layer for noise isolation. And yet, in the room, in order to prevent squeaking or resounding when walking, it is better to use a backing. They are also presented in different forms.

When choosing a laminate, first of all, start from the manufacturer. To serve it for many years, did not lose its appearance and, which is important, easily fit, choose the production of Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, some Russian manufacturers. By choosing a premium product, you choose wear resistance, excellent moisture resistance, and high heat retention - which makes this investment worthwhile.

Selecting a specific manufacturer, it is better to know in advance the features of the product, as they may differ significantly. Some types of frequent exposure to water can affect more than others, since there is a significant difference between the moisture and waterproof laminate.In some cases, for good sound insulation, a very high-quality substrate is needed, for example, corkboard, and this will significantly increase the cost of the floor.

On the packaging of laminate, along with an indication of the class, there are a number of guidelines that will help in choosing a coating with the required characteristics.

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