How to choose a remedy for heartburn

You will need
  • - grain of oats or barley;
  • - walnuts or almonds;
  • alkaline mineral water.
If the heartburn in your body - a rare guest, to get rid of it, you can try to use some kind of folk remedy. Feast the grain of oats or barley, swallowing saliva.
Try cracking walnuts or almonds and take them in a tablespoon several times a day.
Drink at least a couple of weeks of alkaline mineral water (try to buy water in glass, not plastic bottles).
A few days on an empty stomach eat a plate of buckwheat porridge. Remember that while it is necessary to drink more water.
If you are suffering fromheartburn�often, it must be treated with medicinalby meansthat you must be prescribed by the doctor. When buying a drug, remember that becauseheartburn�is an acid that gets into the esophagus and irritates it, then to remove the discomfort, you need to neutralize the action of this acid. Means to help get rid ofheartburn, are divided into two types, differing in composition and effects.
The so-called antacids relieve heartburn by neutralizing hydrochloric acid in the stomach. But such a tool is active no more than 40 minutes. One of the most famous means of this action is baking soda. If you need to relieve heartburn, but you have nothing else, you can use soda, but this can often not be done in any case, because it can provoke edema or irregularities in the cardiovascular system.
Another type of remedies againstheartburn�- Alginates, the source of which is brown algae. These drugs are taken after meals and their action is based on the creation of a kind of gel barrier in the stomach. When there is a threat of throwing acid into the esophagus, the medicine gets there first and protects the mucous membrane. This tool does not interact with other medications and does not affect the functioning of internal organs, therefore it is considered safe.
Helpful advice
Both the one and the other type of drugs eliminate only heartburn, but not the reasons for its occurrence. If you have heartburn attacks regularly,Be sure to consult your doctor and take tests, because it can be caused by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - gastritis, ulcers, cholecystitis, etc.

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