How to choose a sink for the kitchen in 2018

Choosing this important kitchen accessory, you need to proceed primarily from the layout and areakitchens, as well as its styling.
Sink bowls can be of different shapes and sizes. The classic option is a square sink. The main advantage of this model is its compact size.
Round bowls are also common (with equal volumes with rectangular sinks, they turn out to be more spacious). If the kitchen set is installed in a small kitchen, choose, as a rule, complex sinks, consisting of several bowls, placed relative to each other at an angle of 45 degrees.
In case the kitchen furniture is compact and the dimensionskitchensdo not allow to installcar washconsisting of two identical bowls, choose a model with two bowls of different sizes (a larger bowl - for washing dishes, and a small one - for defrosting meat and washing fruits and vegetables).
Choosingcar wash, pay attention to its depth.So, for example, a shallow model is ideal for a bachelor, but if the family consists of four to five people, the bowl should be deeper (the optimal depth is 20 centimeters).
Appreciate washing forkitchenshaving a wing-dryer, and even better if there are two wings. In such dryers, drain channels or separate openings are provided that are connected directly to the sewage system. From washed dishes placed on the dryer, water flows into special openings, and from there - into the sewer.
By way of installing a sink forkitchenscan be overhead and mortise. Laid on models are designed for installation on podstolya, that is, free-standing pedestals. Mortise washers are embedded directly into the table top (apparently they are distinguished by the fact that they do not have a side or the side height is less than 5 mm).
Sinks forkitchenscan be made of various materials. The main requirement - this kitchen accessory must be durable, because he will have to deal with ice and hot water, detergents, as well as withstand shocks. The classic option is a stainless steel sink.
Kitchen sinks can be stamped and welded.Stamped models are made of steel sheet by stamping. The table and bowl welded are made, as a rule, from different metal.

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