How to choose the best hotel?

Immediately I would like to make a reservation that the concept of "best" in relation to the hotel is quite difficult to apply. The whole point is that we are looking for everything differently from the hotel. Some prefer a quiet family pension, others give noisy entertainment. Anyway, there is a general level of service, which is important in both cases. So how to choose a decent hotel or hotel.

Beforebook a hotel in Polandor in any other country, you need to collect as much information about it as possible. Let's start with the number of stars. This is one of the main landmarks by which you can determine what the hotel offers you. True, it is worth considering that five-star hotels are also different. This is especially true of such popular resorts among our compatriots as Turkey or Bulgaria. 5 * in Turkey and in Germany - it's completely different in level hotels. As a rule, the Turkish do not reach the hotels of Western Europe much.

Pay attention to the choice of additional services, location, time of possible arrival, etc.If the hotel in addition to accommodation also offers you a spa, a beauty salon, a fitness center, several bars and restaurants, then this is definitely a plus. All this affects the price of the hotel. The simplest hotels offering only a room with a bed and a shower have one or two stars, or do not have them at all. Small family hotels, so-called mini-hotels, stars are not awarded. However, among them it is quite possible to find a very good one, and it will also be inexpensive. The truth is that they are not about any additional services, only B &B(bed& breakfast - bed and breakfast).

If you go to the coast, it is important to know how far the hotel is located from the coast, whether it has its own private beach. Presence of own beach guarantees on it cleanliness and absence of doubtful kind of visitors. If your vacation is not planned on the coast, and you were going to get acquainted with some city in more detail, then all the more you should find out in which area the hotel is located. It will be extremely unpleasant, on arrival to find out that you are in the center of night club life, while you yourself were planning a quiet family vacation with children.

It would be nice to readMunich Marienplatz hotels 4-5 stars reviews, the Internet has a lot of useful information about different hotels. There are several Russian-language resources where you can find reviews, photos, and other information.

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