How to choose the right curtains in a small apartment?

What do those who have a small apartment? Which curtains to choose? Our workshop curtains will help you!

It is important to remember that with the help of interior design you can both visually expand and finally narrow the space of an apartment. Of course, the design of your apartment is individual, and you need to select the curtains in accordance with it or order the sewing of curtains. However, there are some general tips that will help you navigate the choice of curtains.

Living Room

Often, the living room is the largest room even in a small apartment. However, it is necessary to let in as much light as possible! Tulle curtains are best left in classic white. But classic does not mean boring! Tulle can be embroidered with patterns that will repeat the color of thick curtains. Thick curtains better to make pastel shades with a pattern of a brighter shade of the same color. Your living room will look bright and airy!


A kitchen should even whet its appetite. Therefore, you can make it a field of not only culinary, but also design experiments! Tulle can be replaced with a bright color mesh, which will subconsciously remind you of vegetables. Blackout curtains can be supplemented with embroidered patterns and appliqués. Your kitchen will cheer you up every day!


The bedroom is a room of contrasts. Here you need both cheerfulness and peace. If you are not afraid of experiments, then in addition to the standard curtain design solution described above (living room), you can choose a non-standard one. Blackout curtains can combine two colors: contrasting, for example, yellow-violet, or monochromatic - pink with dark pink or lilac. Tulle is better to make a light blue or light pink color.

We hope that the advice from our salon curtains will help you navigate when choosing colors and textures of fabrics for curtains. Have a good shopping!

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