How to connect a heated floor to the heating

At the final stage of the preliminary stage, apply power. Considering the special nature of the warmfloorand for your home, you should allocate it into a separate electrical group. If there is grounding, it is necessary to connect a residual current device. During installation it is recommended to usefloorUse copper 2.5 mm wire. The power cables are brought together in a special installation box, where you then connect the thermostat.
In the next step, make a gouge for the wires of the heating cable, also called heating mats. Here will be the racesflooragulate and thermal sensor. The dimensions of the grooves must be sufficient to accommodate two corrugated pipes with a diameter of 20 mm, one of which is intended for the heating cable, and the second for the temperature sensor.
Mounting warmfloors mandatory beforefloorHeat insulation laying is avoided because it prevents heat loss.Before laying the insulation surface of the concretefloora, pre-treated with special glue, thoroughly clean from debris and dust. In order to concrete basefloorconsidered its portion of heat, in the insulation it is necessary to make small slits through equal arbitrary distances.
The next step is to fasten the mounting tape. It is recommended to do this every 30-50 cm, depending on the selected cable spacing. The smaller pitch will correspond to the smaller distance betweenfloorwasps tape. To concretefloorthe tape is well attached with dowel nails.
Once you have determined the laying step, you can start laying warmfloora. The heating cable is attached to the base by the locking tabs of the mounting tape, just like the corrugated tube of the sensor, previously sealed from the end, so that the solution does not get there.
In case iffloorA strong heating cable is used, its installation is simplified due to the fact that it is not necessary to wind the other end into the installation box. However, this option will cost a little more. Afterfloorlaid, measure the cable resistance and connect the system to the thermostat in the installation box.

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