How to convert liters to tons?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
April 19, 2013
How to convert liters to tons?

Quite often, in order to make it easier to navigate in the proper accounting of various liquids, you need to constantly convert liters to tons. That is, to translate from one unit to another. Now we will talk about how to convert liters to tons.

In order to convert the mass of any liquid substance into tons (mass of granular substance), while knowing the volume in liters, you just need to just divide your number of liters by 1000, and then multiply by the density of your substance, which you convert to another system measurements. It looks like this:

You have 100 liters of gasoline, the density of which is equal to 0.76 grams per centimeter cubic. Then use this formula to calculate:

Mt (mass of substance, tons) = Vl (volume of your substance, liters) / 1000 * P (substance density). From this simple equation comes out: Mt = 100/1000 * 0.76 = 0.13 tons of gasoline. This is not such a tricky arithmetic, but thanks to such a simple formula, you will simplify your work a lot and you will easily carry out any accounting that you, for example, manage.

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