How to cook a delicious cream of frozen mushrooms, a recipe

delicious frozen mushroom cream soupPicking up mushrooms is an exciting and interesting activity. True mushroom pickers know that it is possible to eat dishes from fresh forest mushrooms not only in the autumn, but practically all the year round. When the first snow falls, morels appear in the summer, bright sunny chanterelles appear. And even in the cold snowy months you can find winter mushrooms.

If you do not have the opportunity or the time to manually extract fresh mushrooms, buy frozen ones. After cooking, they will have almost the same taste and aroma. The main thing is to prepare a dish with a prescription, keeping a good mood and a positive attitude.

The most common mushroom dish of modern cuisine is the mushroom soup of frozen mushrooms. Before you start cooking, you need to prepare a mushroom base.

Mushrooms pre-thaw and soak them briefly in cold water.Then boil them for 10 minutes. This will help get rid of the rest of the sand, unpleasant after-taste and bad substances. If you freeze the mushrooms yourself, boil them before freezing. This will allow them to preserve better and shorten the time in the process of further preparation.

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