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How to Cope With the Hollywood Lifestyle

So you have arrived. You are the Belle of the ball and Hollywood is your dance floor. Paparazzi follow you everywhere, restaurants give you their finest seating, people all around want to meet you, date you, marry you. Yes, your star is shining bright, but at the end of the day, what does it all really mean? Are you prepared to live the fast-paced, super-entitled life of a Hollywood superstar? Well, you'd better be because if you're not you are headed for disaster. No worries, you can learn to cope with the Hollywood lifestyle.

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  1. Know why you are in it, to begin with.Why are you in Hollywood? Is it only for the fame, the accolades, the perks. Or do you have a strong passion for your art? If it's about the fame and the accolades, you will likely not be very successful in Hollywood. Fame is fleeting and fans are fickle. Your work will experience varying degrees of success and failures and if you are only in it for the fame, you won't be able to successfully weather the disappointment of a failed project. However, if you are in it for the art itself, then each project will have its merit. Actors and Entertainers who are in it for the art look upon their failed projects as opportunities to improve on their craft. They own their work whether it meets with critical or public acclaim or not. They are clear about why they are in the business. Yes, they would like to earn a living, but the art comes first. If you want to be rich, then be clear about that as well because it will help you focus on what is important.
  2. Be focused.What are your goals for being in this business? Be clear about what you want to accomplish and have a blueprint for what it will look like. For some being accomplished in their craft is simply to have steady on-going work for as long as they are able to work. For others that accomplishment will be realized by the size of their bank account. If your goal is to become wealthy, you will need to have a plan for how that will be executed. It will take more than simply being famous, it will involve making smart lifestyle choices. Having a plan is critical in order not to get caught up in the glamour and sucked into the glitz lifestyle that involves all night partying and over indulgences. They may seem fun and irresistible at first but in the end, it will kill your dream and any chance of true success.
  3. Remember who you are.Before you arrived in Hollywood and became a famous star, you were a regular person with a moral code. A set of rules and disciplines you lived by. Maybe you worship at a church on Sundays, have family movie night on Fridays, had a very close knit of friends who support you; like-minded individuals who are not afraid to call you out when you are acting out of pocket. Moving to Hollywood should not change who you are as a person. In fact, that person inside will be instrumental to your survival in Hollywood. Continue to be that person more than ever. Money and entitlement make life a bit easier, but it does not have to change your moral code and the rules you have lived with most your life. True it may not make you very popular among the "Jet Set" in Hollywood, but take a good look at how Matt Damon, Keanu Reeves, Robert Deniro, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie live their lives. These stars are not the glitzy party all night and end up in the news with mug shot types. These individuals make an effort to lead meaningful lives away from the Hollywood glitz but still enjoy a great deal of personal and professional success.
  4. Have a strategy for navigating Hollywood parties and other events.Use these as opportunities to promote your business (you are a business) and as a way of networking. Have a plan for going in and a plan for your escape. Maybe plan for a 3-hour meet and greet, two drinks and you are out of there! If you are having fun, then you can stay longer, but remember that your goal is to enjoy yourself, not end up drunk and in the headlines.
  5. Be humble.Use your popularity and your influence to promote worthy causes. Donate time and money to issues that concern you. If you haven't taken the time, then do so. Learning to give back to your community and how to give to others is an important means of staying grounded. You will never be able to appreciate how many blessings you have unless you expose yourself to those who aren't as fortunate. Hollywood can be very superficial and fairytale like, it's easy to be lost in that fairytale lifestyle if you are not careful. Keep yourself grounded by remembering that there are those that are less fortunate who could benefit from your involvement in a cause.
  6. Associate with like-minded people.Superficial actions will attract superficial friends. If you are positive, happy and like having a drama free life, you will attract like-minded people to you. If you drink, do drugs and party all night, you will have friends that do the same. A recipe for disaster. If you want to live a good life free from all of that, surround yourself with people who are like you or who promote the life you want to live.
  7. Become a mentor.Now that you are an expert in how to survive the insanity of a Hollywood lifestyle, reach out to others and be an example to them. This will not only help them, but it will promote those value to a higher degree for you. It will remind you to practice what you preach!
  8. Remember that a Hollywood Lifestyle doesn't give you immunity to depression, cancer, HIV or any other conditions and illnesses.It's bad enough having to cope with a life-changing conditions without having to do it in the spotlight.

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  • Live outside of Hollywood. You can visit Hollywood for special events and then leave for the tranquility of your home.
  • Go back as often as you can to visit with family. Family and close friends keep you grounded and remind you of who you were before you became a Hollywood star.
  • Shop at Walmart and Target and other stores where average people shop. You can save the fancy designer clothing for special Hollywood occasions. Shopping with average folks helps to remind you that under all the glitz, you're just a regular person.
  • Stay loyal to your real friends. Don't just drop them because you now have a bit of fame. Remember who you were before and who you are now. No matter what your real friends will stick by you.


  • Watch out for isolating behaviors. If you find you are not speaking to family and friends as much it could be a sign that you are "hiding" because you are not proud of the way you are living.
  • Resist the urge to accept every party invite and wanting to be seen with all the Hollywood game changers. It's easy to make the wrong friends and form negative associations.
  • Don't cave into the pressure of fame by using drugs to dull your anxiety or to keep you awake. Seek professional help.

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